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March 19, 2017



Hello dear Readers, 


today I found this awesome pose from "tiny gem" and I simply love it. It comes with different violins, fitting for the different poses. The pose is for toddleedoos, so I had to get another one for adults, to make it work with this avatar but the violin is a beautiful Prop for any kind of picture!


To be honest, I feel like there should be more poses for children, that show some sort of movement or action. By saying "action" I don't mean guns and racing cars but an activity. I feel like activity in pictures tells a story and gives the picture a soul. There are a quadrillion model poses for toddleedoos on Marketplace and even more for adults. By the time - honestly - they're just boring. Surely they are useful for pictures and in some cases fitting perfectly; but on the long run they're rather boring.


About the Body: Usually I use the Toddleedoo body but I really like this mesh body as well. In some cases I use the mesh body from Super Mesh Bros but in this picture - no, it's not the SMB body - I used the Loki Mesh Body. Although there isn't much content around for the Loki Body, I still prefer the shape of it.


Here is my outfit for you:




Body: LokiAvatar - BigBoy 1.2


Mesh Head: VCO - Mary Mesh Head - 013 (Milk) - RARE


Ears: Mandala - Short elf ears - simple


Hair: Tram - F728 Hair


Outfit: Zero-One - Peter Pan Set


Necklace: .Eldritch. - Celestial Compass Pendant


Bag: .Eldritch. - Bota Bag


Weapon: PFC - Dark Whisper Bow & Quiver


Eye Patch: [Body Factory] - Shanks Mask (Brown Ripped)


Violin: {tiny gem} - little musician - my violin


Pose: CV Poses - Violin2



!Ohmai - Bumble Bee Fairy

!Ohmai - Horn Beetle Fairy

!Ohmai - Lady Bug Fairy

!Ohmai - Dandelion Fairy





I wish nobody told me when I was little, painting a picture
that lemons aren't blue. No, they're yellow.
I can't fly, using trashbags as parachute
Magic and dragons don't exist.
Even Santa isn't real!


If nobody ever told me all the truths about this world -
Maybe I wouldn't be too blind to see all it's beauties.
I'd see the floor as an ocean and sofas as ships,
Cardboxes as houses and shadows as monster under my bed. 
I'd hear fairy's laughter, when wind brushes the trees and I'd smile.

Smile because I know all the answers, where adults don't see possibilities.


I will forget about the rules,
that built a cage around my heart.
I'll set it free and do it all again - right, from the start.





Enjoy this post and stay unique.




~ Hikaru


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