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August 9, 2017





Hello dear Readers!

Todays title is inspired by the british street artist Banksy.

I've found this Artwork of him by accident and I personally

find it stunning, contemplative and damn cool!



I'm proud to be blogging about the new Tweenster Mesh

Body today. I was very much looking forward to take a picture with it and here it comes! In my opinion a Body for Tweens was long overdue and McKenzie did an amazing job with this one. The Body is compatible with the Catya Bento Head from 

Catwa and the Hands support Bento animations.


Also: Meshmerized offers a Shape for the Tweenster Body in combination with the Catya Head as a Group Yes, it is free and high quality! I am using the Shape myself and was amazed by how well it is done. I can just recommend everyone who wants to get started with the new Tweenster Body, to get the free Shape as well. Of course I edited it, to make it more feel like me and to stay unique.



There's a free Demo of the Tweenster Body inworld here: Meshmerized.



There is even a Bento AO for us! Oracul provides an animation Override for Kids with Bento Hand animations. It is mainly made for girls but the animation works for boys as well.

You can try the Demo here: Oracul.



Also, I'm proud to introduce you to my new Gang Members: Poodle & Noodle.

Those little Fellas were made by Therra, owner of Comet. and amazing Artist. She did such a great job with these companions! The cloth of the Pocket-Bunny is modify too, so you can adjust the color to match your shirt by editing it.


I hope you'll enjoy this Blog Post.




This is my outfit:



Head: Catwa - Catwa Head Catya - Mainstore


Body: Meshmerized - Tweenster v2 - Male fitted - Mainstore


Hair: Barberyumyum - *52 (anime) - Mainstore


Eyes: Somnus - Wild Eyes - Green - Catwa Applier - Marketplace


Mask: AsteroidBox - K-Tagger - Respiration Mask (Blue) - @TheGachaGarden


Backpack: AsteroidBox - K-Tagger - Backpack // RARE - @TheGachaGarden


Spray Can: AsteroidBox - K-Tagger - Spray Can (Blue) - @TheGachaGarden


Sweater: Meshmerized - Hipster Shirt (smb) - Black Paint - Mainstore


Trousers: Meshmerized - Hipster Pants (smb) - Stonewash - Mainstore


Shoes: Deadwool - Chase Sneakers - Default fitted - navy - Mainstore


Feral Pocket Friend: Comet. - Punkbun {white Riot} - Mainstore


Feral Friend: Comet. - God save the Pig {decor} - Mainstore


Pose: WRONG - Static Male Pose 3 - W3 - Marketplace




What I used for the Background:



Backdrop: RAMA - #selfie_Rama - Graffiti Garage - Mainstore


Vending Machine: Soy. - CSC - Vending machine [Ice cream] - Mainstore (under construction)


Trash Can: Soy. - CSC - Full of Trash - Mainstore


Bug Light: Soy. - CSC - Bug killer light  - Mainstore


Bench: Soy. - CSC - Promotional bench - Mainstore


Poster: Soy. - CSC - Poster "put garbage in trashbox" - Mainstore

                                - Poster "out of order"


Noodles: Soy. - CSC - Yakisoba [decor] & Hot noodle [decor] - Mainstore


Graffiti: AsteroidBox. - K-Tagger - Wall Spray // Fuck You! - @ TheGachaGarden

                                                       - Wall Spray // Ah Fuck!

                                                       - Wall Spray // It's Fucked!




Have a great time, everyone!

.Stay Unique.



~ Hikaru
















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