Playing with Fire

August 11, 2017


Hello dear Readers!


Today my brother and me found an old Dragon Shrine!

People think that dragons don't exist anymore but that's not entirely true.

They're just very hard to find. Most of the Dragon Shrines are destroyed today,

because of their huge love for Sake! Sake, you ask? Aye, Sake!


Together with the Monks, the Dragons used to drink a lot of Sake!

And a drunken Dragon is clumsy - and no fun at all.

One Burp and the whole shrine is on fire.

One wag with it's tail and there'll be nothing be left but a pile of debris.

One stomp with it's foot and it'll feel like an earthquake.


So, most of the shrines are burned, demolished or eaten by good old Earth.

But gladly my brother and me found one!

And as long as you don't give them Sake, you'll be safe.






I'm proud to be blogging about these awesome Hakamas today!

Especially because Ianto designed the blue Hakama with the clouds especially for me.

I feel so honored and was very much looking forward to wear those.


As you all might know: WildFlower did these beautiful Fullperm Kimonos and Hakamas.

Soon after their release, there were some quite nice Kimonos for girls around - but sadly none for boys.

I kept waiting but one day, I made a desperate decision:


I bought the Hakama Fullperm myself.

"I know how to deal with Photoshop", I thought, "it can't be that hard, can it?" - Yes, it certainly can.

I wish I had better words for it but: I suck at texturing and messed it up! Gladly my brother knows how to deal with this stuff and he was kind enough to offer me to texture a Hakama for me. We decided to make this Hakama to our cooperation-Project.


I proudly announce the "Clouds & Koi" and the "Crane" Hakama! They are to be found at Mikanto right in this Moment. They also come with a Texture Change Hud. Check it out!





This is my outfit:



Body: *Toddleedoo* - Baby Boy - Mainstore


Bento Head: *Toddleedoo* - Bento Mesh Head - #Alex - Mainstore


Skin: {Clair de Lune} - Sei Skin Applier - Tone 1 - Mainstore


Hair: Dura - B&G 78 - Light platinum - Mainstore



Hakama: Mikanto - Clouds & Koi (TDB) - Mainstore


Shoes: Mikanto - Geta - (Part of the Clouds & Koi Hakama) Mainstore


Bandaids: Toasty - Bento Bend-Aids - Mainstore


Frog: ::BB:: Wizarding - Golden Poison Dart Frog


Mask: *Naminoke* - Kitsune Mask Half - Sakura #1 - Mainstore




Ianto is wearing:



Hakama: Mikanto - Crane (TDB) - Mainstore


Shoes: Mikanto - Geta - (Part of the Crane Hakama) Mainstore








Torii Gates: booN-kura - Myojin Torii Red with pedestal - Mainstore


Baby Dragon: darkendStare. - 14. Sakura Tea Dragon - [Perch] RARE - Mainstore


Baby Dragon: darkendStare. - 15. Sakura Tea Dragon - [Nosy] RARE - Mainstore


Dragons: *Katat0nik* - Cloud Dragon - Golden, Ruby & Dark (Gacha) - Mainstore


Red Dragon: CURELESS [+] - Dragon Halfbreeds - Dragon Familiar - ULTRARARE - Mainstore





I hope you'll enjoy this Blogpost.

Have a great time and stay unique.




~ Hikaru






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